This weeks best books

This is week one of what I've read and loved.

I've done something grown up (haha I hear you say) I've had to start a spreadsheet of the books I'm downloading. When Kindle decided to let you see how many you've read vs unread I thought I'd best keep a list of what's new. I read a lot on KU so I may have read them and returned them without a. reviewing b. remembering them.

So what's been hot on my Kindle this week and on my Audible.

Kindle first.

Roe Horvat's The Other Man took me totally by surprise. I had no idea what the book was about, only that other friends had read it and loved it.

Oh My Dear Lord, I loved it. It has everything I look for in a good MM book. The friends to lovers, the hurt and pain of outside influences and some seriously hot sex. Roe goes from MM to MMM to MMMM and it's done beautifully. 

I've already preordered book two.

I'm also an Audible junkie and without Mr. H's knowledge I have a US account as well as a UK one so two books a month I am looking into the cost of a US account against buying a 3 credit deal.

Anyway, this week's audible is The Thomas Elkin series, and as most of my followers know I adore Nr Walker and everything she writes. I was thrilled when this trilogy has been turned to Audible, I spend every spare moment sinking into the joyous story of Thomas and Cooper. 

I'm adding the purchase link for the kindle version for book one 

14th June

Where is this month going?

Strangely enough, my best read this week is Adam Only The brand new release from Roe Horvat. This author writes so beautifully you have to stop and take a moment to embrace the words. Even when ot, when the characters are getting deep down and dirty the way it's written, is captivating. So, treat yourself to this beauty. Click the button

I've listened to a few in the last couple of weeks. The Second Thomas Elkin book Clarity of Lines by Nr Walker. Perfection from start to finish, I'm saving my credits for the third. Hopefully, it will be out next month.

Another series worth listening to is Piper Scott's His Command. Only the first two books so far, if you like Omega and Mpreg you can't get much better than her.

Finally, a book I didn't want to read or listen too, but I caved. Lucy Lennox Wilde Love, Doc and Grandpa's story. I've cried so much at this book, hands down the best of the series. If she writes King's story she's got a lot to beat, it's amazing!