A brand new blog

What's happening here?

A new blog, a new start to finding out so much more about me, my books, my life, and my dogs. All of these usually mean trouble, but in a good way 



It's been a very difficult and incredibly busy couple of months. The upsetting and frustrating was having to cancel the launch of Your Kind Of Man. 

After having feedback from Arc readers that there were multiple editing errors, I had to make the horrible decision to cancel it. Then it obviously became a snowball effect, when we corrected one another was found. I have to admit that I ended up bursting into tears. Another downside of cancelling a preorder is Amazon now won't let me use preorder for any other publications for the next year.

So how are you going to know when it becomes available?

First of all, you can get every day up to the minute notifications in my Facebook reader group Harper's Honeys.

Second, subscribe to my mailing list and get all the news sent to your email.

And, of course there's here.

The good new is Jem and Nate should be back again next month, I'm aiming for around the 20-25th August.

Other, happier, news

There's still 2 days left of the Keeping it Kinky giveaway. (ending 24th July)
28 short stories all for free, including a gorgeous new daddy kink from me, call Anything, Anytime
Written by some outstanding authors including Nora Phoenix, Adara Wolf, Silvia Violet, Carly Marie. This is closed now 

Anything, Anytime.

Felix needs a Daddy, but all he got was hurt.

Warwick wants a boy, but the boy belongs to somebody else.

Whispered words spoken so long ago bring the boy to his Daddy, who takes him in and gives him a safe place to heal.

Warwick finally has another boy to nurture and tend to, and he once again is the Daddy he was meant to be.

Felix blossoms under Warwick’s care and attention. He finds the Daddy he’s craved for. Felix can let go and trusts Warwick will catch him.

This is a free book that will only be available when you sign up to my newsletter. But I love the characters so much they will be getting a full-length story and a follow up for Felix's best friend Shane.

Banner The Redemption series #3

Banner is finished, well the first draft but that makes me excited, it's different than Wolff and Gage but that's a good thing. Banner is wonderful, funny, cute and sexy and with Jasper it looks like they've got everything good going for them. Until Dominic shows up, after four years and the wreck he left behind him, he's wanting to talk.

I was surprised how emotional I got writing this one, and I'll warn you now, there could be a need for some tissuses.

I hoping for him to be ready for the middle of September.

As for me

I'm getting ready to leave for a week in Edinburgh on a writers retreat and a seminar.  It's going to be exciting, but for now I'm nervous. I let you know how I get on.

I think I'm more nervous about leaving Siddiqi with Mr H for a week, the pup has become a complete mummy's boy.

Friday 2nd August

I'm back from my retreat and although I'm still tired I had a great week. I caught up with old friends and made lots of new ones. Spending time with Shaw Montgomery and Nora Phoenix was wonderful, I learnt a ton of new skills and techniques from them as well as some really fun evenings, laughing hard while sharing some life stories and eating wonderful food. 

The writing is going really well and the shifter seems to have evolved into mpreg but I'm not sure if it will stay that way. It won't be in this book if it does stay, and my poor editor is having kittens at the thought of working on mpreg! lol

I think it's a matter of watch this space!

Siddiqi and Maud survived the week without me and enjoyed have just daddy time. But boy, has Sid grown again!!

Saturday 5th September

It's been far too long since I wrote anything here, I'll try to do better. It's been an amazing release for Sawyer, with a No 1 spot in two gay categories. It goes to show that getting reviews makes a difference. 

Now it's time to focus on finishing  Our Kind Of Man, Malachi, Corey and Logan have been a thorn in my side, I think I've got it going in the right direction now and I'm aiming to release it at the end of October.

Anything, Anytime has been extended to around 38k and Felix and Warwick will be here at the end of September, I think you'll like what I've done. I hope so anyway.

Leo is coming next in the Bar 28 series and I already have the cover from Jay Aheer and it has blown me away.

It's great to hear from you

Thanks for getting in touch