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A new release and 2 great box sets on the way!

Revved  Up is LIVE!!

Revved Up #5 - De'ath of You series

Revved Up

💜 Hurt/comfort

💜 Found family

💜 first-time love

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Sometimes love comes at the wrong time.

One phone call turns all River's dreams into reality. He grabs the opportunity to move to a new city and run Revved Up, a shelter for LGBTQ+ kids. Just like the one that saved him over ten years ago.

One letter dashes Joss's plans for the future. Instead of finishing his degree, he's without a home, without money, but he's determined to honor his mother's last request and search for two men—his brothers.

After nearly nine months of hitching his way across states, Joss reaches the city that might be a turning point. He finds a hostel that may offer a shower, a hot meal, perhaps even a bed. All he needs to do is build up the courage to step inside.

Their first meeting is charged with an electricity neither knew existed. River won't admit he's drawn to the worn-out young man, though. His job is too important. Joss ignores the attraction between them. First he has to face the men who can either embrace him or send him back on the road.

A month later sparks fly again. This time in anger rather than desire.

"Can we go somewhere to talk? Please."

"I'm sorry, but I can't. My boss is your brother-in-law. I won't jeopardize my job. I have too much at stake, too much to risk."

Their attraction grows into more, but does love stand a chance?

Revved Up is a story of love after loss, featuring two men with heaps of baggage, the strength to fight for what's right, and a newfound family of brothers by blood, and by choice.

It follows and completes the De'ath of You series. Although Revved Up can be read as a standalone, an understanding of the main characters from the previous books will enhance the story.

Suitable for readers aged 18 and over.

Check inside for TW

Revved Up-ebook.jpg

BAR 28 and the Redemption series are getting a box set each.

As soon as I've tackled both blurbs they will be on Amazon and reading to download. So that's nine books available on Kindle Unlimited for only two of your download allocation!

The covers have been designed by Jay Aheer at Simply Defined Art, I'm sure you'll  agree how great they are!

bar 28 boxset-SQ4.jpg
The redemption series -SQ3.jpg

And now there's a new page for my audiobooks

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