OUR KIND OF MAN - 11th DEC '20

Our Kind of Man HeavyLoad! series #4

All good things come in threes


One guy. Is that so much to ask? All I want is a man to love. I’ve been alone for so long.

I thought I’d found him; only he chose someone else.

Then I see them: two beautiful men, lost in each other. It’s a full month before I see them again. They’re so full of themselves. I shouldn’t want them. I hate myself for giving in.  At first. Because after that one time, I want more. It was perfect.

If only I didn’t now work for them.


Logan and Corey

We’re happy together, deliriously so. Still, we can’t give each other everything we need. And playing with a third isn’t enough.  We want more.

Then we see him: snarky, sexy, and beautifully submissive. He gives us one perfect night, and we know we’ve found our man.

If only we can convince him he’s our missing link.


We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we also knew it would be worth it.  


Our Kind of Man is an MMM romance, the fourth book in the Heavyload! Series, featuring a sweet boy who can be as bossy as his masters.  Contains some steamy moments, therefore is recommended for adult readers.

Click on Books and HeavyLoad! to see the awesome new covers, they're divine 

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