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Calston Cove

This new series takes place in the imaginary town of Calston Cove, South Devon. 

There will be four books, and with the first two now out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, it won’t be long before the series will be complete.

Each story focuses on a Calston Cove resident and a newcomer, blending into a found family group of friends.

Life after Love focuses on Merrick and his daughter Willow building a new life after the death of his husband, Josh, two years before. Then finding love again when he wasn’t even looking.

Lost in Someone has Merrick’s best friend, Brodie having a life-altering experience, and follows Merrick and joins him in the small town.

Note to Self is Trent’s story. After losing his brother Josh, and his contact with Merrick, his brother-in-law, he realises he can’t hide who he is any longer. A confrontation with his parents has him scrutinising his life and the way he’s heading. Trent finds himself in Calston Cove trying to be a friend to Merrick and uncle to Willow. He didn’t expect the handsome Merlin to capture his attention.

In book four No Kind Words, Jethro returns to the town he never thought he’d see again. Jethro can’t run away from the terrible memories of a painful past anymore. What he doesn’t expect to find is the man he ran away from is still very much in residence. Benny, left hurt and alone, is not happy to see Jethro back. He brushes away any attempts to reconcile, fearing getting hurt again.

Life after Love


Merrick has the perfect life, a husband, a baby, and a great future ahead of him.

Until all of that is ripped away and he finds himself alone with his daughter. After two years he knows it’s time to move on. To find a new life for him and Willow.

It comes in the shape of a Devon seaside town, and a derelict mill house nestled in the hills.


When Drew loses the chance to restore and live in the house he’s loved all his life, the last thing he wants to do is renovate it for the mysterious new resident.

There’s something about Merrick Green that has him intrigued. There’s a heaviness around him that he feels compelled to lift. That fact that Merrick’s daughter seems to taken an instant infatuation with Drew makes it easier.

As the two men become friends, Merrick battles with his attraction to Drew. How can he be interested in the ruggedly handsome man when he’s still in love with Josh.

Letting go of the past is hard, but with Drew by his side he finds a way forward.

Life After Love is the first book in the Calston Cove series. A sweet opposite-attracts, hurt/comfort with little angst and a feisty little girl that always gets what she wants.

The book deals with the loss of a loved one.

Lost in Someone

It only takes one night to turn their lives upside down.

Brodie always thought he was straight, but he experiences the greatest night of his life with a man. A total stranger. They never even exchanged names.

It’s the shake-up he needed. He leaves his job and heads down to his best friend, Merrick. Even if that night haunts not only his dreams but also his waking thoughts, he’s determined to make a new life in Devon. He can’t have time for regrets.

Ivan had to leave. His best friend, Drew, let him down, his sort of ex shocked him with disturbing news, and he’s sick and tired of easy hook-ups. The only bright light is a chance encounter with the hottest man he’s ever seen, but he wakes up alone and has no way of finding him.

Resigned to never seeing him again, Ivan returns home to Calston Cove. An apology to Drew leads to a dinner invitation with a few friends.

And a face he never expected to see again.

Are Brodie and Ivan able to recapture the best night of their lives, or is one night all they’re going to have?

When Ivan’s past comes back, threatening to ruin his relationship with Brodie, are they strong enough together to make things work?

Lost in Someone is a bi-awakening story and book two in the Calston Cove series. It can be read as a stand-alone but is enjoyed more by knowing Drew and Merrick’s story in Life After Love.

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