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Sunday Interviews

When I first discussed having a character interview spot in my reader group with my PA, Tanja, we both agreed it would be a fun thing to do in my reader group. With over 1600 members in Harper’s Honeys, some won’t have met all the characters yet. 

We will be inviting different characters from each book, and series. If you're not a member of Harper's Honeys on Facebook then click the button to join.

Starting with the men from Heavyload! was the easiest choice. The next choice was Daddies or the boys. I lost this vote, and we went for the boys. It was no surprise when Mikey from My Kind of Man was picked first. 

So here we go, Honeys. I’m honoured to introduce the very lovely Michael Steadman, or Mikey as he prefers to be called.

Welcome, Mikey, and thank you for joining me. I hope I haven’t interrupted your day too much.

Thank you, JJ, for having me. Daddy is here too, but he promised not to get in the way. I can’t believe I got chosen. I’m a little bit nervous about what you’re going to ask me, but I’ll try to answer all your questions.

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There aren’t any difficult ones, I promise. I’ll start with a nice easy one. What have you been doing for Easter?

(Mikey giggles) Daddy says I’ve been eating too much chocolate, but it’s not true. All the Daddies organized an egg hunt for us. We went to Logan and Corey and Malachi’s place because in the country, there are lots of places for the Easter bunny to hide the eggs. It was super fun with Marty and Ollie. The other boys were there too, but not all of them searched for eggs. They were being boring.

That leads me to the next question. How does it feel to have all four of the HeavyLoad! partners, living and working so close together?

It’s great. The new building has worked out so well. I can go and see Daddy whenever I want. Sometimes I want a Daddy cuddle in the daytime, and I can go and sit on his knee. He lets me have five minutes with him and my binkie. He’s the best Daddy in the world.

I’m sure he wants cuddles from his boy too. Now it’s time to spill the dirt. I’m only kidding, but what’s the hardest part of you all being together?

(Mikey frowns and looks back at Callum, who laughs) We don’t spend too much of our spare time together. As much as we all love spending social time together, we are all very different in our own homes. I never want to know what Logan, Corey, and Malachi get up to in their playroom any more than they want to be in my nursery. So we don’t really have difficult times.

How is your train room coming along?

(Mikey bounces with excitement and claps his hands) It’s awesome. The track is so big it covers the whole table, but now, it’s even betterer. The trains now have a track that goes around the edge of the room. Daddy had a man come and build it. The trains go up a slope, then whizz down the wall. It’s so cool. Daddy says it gets too noisy to read when I’ve got all the trains out, but I think he’s only teasing me because he still comes and sits with me when I’m playing.

The last time we saw you was at Logan’s birthday and you kind of let something slip out about a wedding, wasn’t it?

(Mikey blushes a sweet pink and looks back to Callum, who smirks but still stays silent) Um, yeah, I got so excited, and it kind of fell out. I got a spanking when I got home, but it was a good spanking. I was allowed to come. (Callum seems to growl, but he’s shaking his head and chuckling) What, Daddy? It’s true, isn’t it? (Yes, baby boy, but it’s also private) It’s okay JJ knows what we’re like. (It was my turn to blush now). But we are planning the wedding. Daddy says we’re not allowed to say when. It’s going to be super fun. (Mikey leans close and whispers) It’s going to be at the… (Before he could tell me, Callum reprimands his boy). Whoops, I’m not allowed to say that either. It’s so difficult remembering all the rules.


Maybe we should move on to another topic. We had a question from Joey. He’s got a daddy too, but he’s more a middle. He wanted to know if you had any pets, and if not, what would you have?

I do. I do. Oh, it was so exciting. Daddy told me I’d been a good a boy at work all week so we were going to a special place that only best boys are allowed to go to. We went to the animal shelter, the same place where Angel chose Marty. But instead of looking at the dogs, we went to the cat building. There were so many cats that were waiting to choose their owners that it made me cry. The lady said it was okay because they’ll find their forever people. We walked along the cages, but not one cat called us. But I just knew one would love to be with us, didn’t I, Daddy? (Callum nods and ruffles Mikey’s hair) Then I spotted a tail peeking out from under a blanket. And then a little brown-and-orange head popped up, and next to it a second one. They were so tiny and fluffy and cute. They had been hiding under the blankets, but they came out for us. They picked us, so they came home to our house. They’re called Cookie and Biscuit, and they like to watch the trains go round and round.

Joey also asked if you had got any Easter eggs?

I did, a really big one, but I’m not allowed to eat it all at once because I’ll get a tummy ache. And then we shared all the ones we found at the hunt. I’m glad Joey got some too. He’s very friendly. I like him.

One last question, Mikey. What do you love most about being a little, and what advice would you give other littles looking for their Daddy?

Having my Daddy, of course. He’s the best Daddy in the world because he looks after me all the time. He knows what to do when I’m sad, and he makes the best spaghetti and meatballs and doesn’t care when I get the sauce all over my chin. And to the other littles, never give up because there are lots of Daddies looking for a boy. (He looks at Callum, who blows him a kiss)

Thank you so much for spending time with me this afternoon. I can’t wait to find out more about your wedding.

You’re welcome, and Daddy said that you will be getting an invitation.

And I’ll be there.

Bye, JJ, bye, Honeys. (Mikey waves happily, then climbs onto his daddy's knee) Did I do okay, Daddy?

You were perfect, little man.

He’s the best Daddy in the world because

Watch here to find out who'll be my next guest.

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