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JJ Harper

A little about me


Welcome to my website. This is me on the right, I'm

 JJ Harper or Jess to everyone within minutes of meeting me. I came into writing by accident about five years ago. I started jotting little ideas into notebooks until one wouldn't go away and Rising Up was born. An M/F novel that soon turned into a series of four fabulous books that I still love.

Gay romance wasn't something I intended to write until I started to read it, then an idea I had intended to be a sweet M/F lost and found love story, turned into two men fighting to be together again.

The rest, as they say, is history. With over twenty books out and no sign of stopping, I've found something I love to do so much that going to work has never been such fun.

You'll find me sitting in my living room typing away, with my Great Dane, Siddiqi. If you're in my reader group - Harper's Honeys, you will know all about him, and the trouble he gets into.
I’m an uncomplicated bookaholic, that probably drinks too much wine, and has a tendency to swear like a Sailor every now and then. I have still yet to work out how to act my age!!  And I have no intentions of growing up or growing old gracefully. 

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