BAR 28

This series came about after spending a fabulous evening, with my best friend, in a cocktail bar in Norwich. 

The server was a wonderfully talkative and friendly man who happily chatted away with us, more so after it had been mentioned that I was an author. The first book in the series is about Gus and is based around the image of one of the bartenders. It is pure fiction, with the whole story being a figment of my imagination. The cover of Gus is a young man equally as cute as the unsuspecting cocktail designer.

There are three other books to follow telling Sawyer, Leo, and Beck's stories. Each will be able to be read as a standalone.

Gus - Book One

All Gus wants is a night out and a hot hook-up before he starts his final year of university.

Max has always been a player. One look at the sexy guy with the black guyliner and he’s found his bed partner for the night.

What neither of them expected is the deep connection. Gus runs from his feelings. He doesn’t have time for a relationship.

When Max wakes up and finds his bed empty, he’s disappointed, more than he thought possible.

Then Gus turns up as the newest bartender at Bar 28, the bar Max owns with his brother. Max isn’t going to let Gus get away from him again.

Can you really trust your instincts and believe you’ve found the one person you’re meant to be with?

This is a sweet and sexy gay romance, filled with tender moments, and emotions that will make your heart happy.

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