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Sunday Interview - Callum Peverell

Choosing the topic for the second interview was equally difficult. But after having Mikey win the first poll, I knew we needed to let the daddies be the next vote. And, of course, it was won by Callum, Mikey's daddy.

Good afternoon, Callum, thank you for coming along. I have my questions ready, I think we’ll keep you talking.

Thank you for having me. It’s always a pleasure.

No Mikey today? How have you managed that?

(Callum chuckles) He’s on a play date with Marty. It seems that cartoons and baking cookies are more interesting.

Harper's honeys (1).png
The idea of caring and looking after som

I think he may be on to something there. My first question is  how did you discover that you’re a Daddy? Was it something you always wanted?

You’re starting with a tough one, JJ. The short answer is I’ve always been attracted to men who liked to be cared for. I knew my tastes were less vanilla than the people I socialized with when I was young, and finding BDSM clubs helped me understand what I needed. And the first time I saw a Daddy and his little everything fell into place. The idea of caring and looking after someone when they regressed was thrilling. The first time I had a little to play with, to have a scene with sealed my fate, so to speak.

Did you start looking for your forever man as soon as you realized what you needed?

No, I wasn’t in a position to have a 24/7 lifestyle when I was in my twenties. I kept my desires to the clubs I’d joined. I also found out that a lot of the younger littles wanted an older Daddy. I had dated a little for about a year who was older than me. I learned a lot from him. He is a wonderful man. We still keep in touch. I think I was in my mid- to late thirties when I was ready to have my own little. I had a successful career, good friends, and a busy social life. But it wasn’t enough. I was lonely. That was the crux of it.

And ABDL, when was that a factor?

(More chuckles, and maybe a hint of a blush) When I realized I liked it more when the littles regressed to babies. I loved the bottles and the binkies, but once I’d seen a cute little crawling with a diaper-padded bottom, I knew I’d be looking for that.

It seemed that you were almost ready to give up your search when you met Michael, the man who would become Mikey. How did you feel when you first saw him?

(Callum’s eyes shine, and a small smile emerges at the mention of his boy) Yes, I wasn’t expecting anyone special when Daniel all but ordered me to Escape that night. Nate still ribs me about my reluctance and my need for a wingman. But both Nate and Dan were right. From the first time I saw Mikey, I knew I had to make him mine. He was so nervous and ready to run by the time I approached him, but that only made him more attractive to me. He was so perfect. He still is.

Callum Peverell.png
Mikey is messy. He never manages to get

This melds nicely into the next question What’s the cutest thing Mikey does that makes your heart skip?

Hmm, wouldn’t she like to know! (Callum waggles his eyebrows). But seriously, it’s still his disbelief that I’m his. He looks at me like I hung the moon for him. Which of course I would if I could. He crawls onto my lap and cuddles in tight and whispers that he loves me. That is always a heart-skipping moment.

Okay, if that is the best bit of Mikey, what’s the naughtiest? And what’s your favourite way to ‘punish’ him. 

Mikey is messy. He never manages to get his put his dirty clothes in the hamper or to leave the playroom tidy. As for punishments, he hates having to stand in the corner. Which he has to do for his worst misdemeanors. But for me, my favorite way is spanking him. Whether it’s for pleasure or as a real punishment, that one gives me the most satisfaction.

Mikey mentioned he loved that you both worked in the same building. How does it work for you, and are you still his Daddy at work? 

I love that we are close to each other. It gives me the chance to make sure he’s still taking a break and having his snacks. His lunchtime cuddles are always welcome, and yes, I’m still his Daddy. I would never not be that for him. We live and love our full-time lifestyle. My employees know and understand who Mikey is to me. They dote on him.

I think we all want to know what your favourite part of being a Daddy is?

That’s easy. Waking up next to Mikey on the weekend. He’s little from the second he walks in the house on Friday night. I’m his Daddy from then onward, but the mornings are always special and full of love and cuddles.

His lunchtime cuddles are always welcome
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One last question. After you kind of blurted out your proposal on the doorstep, did you ever ask him properly on bended knee with a ring?

As if Mikey would let me get away with that. Yes, I asked him properly. We were at Escape with all our friends. I think it was the first I’d ever knelt inside a BDSM club. He forgave me for the doorstep faux pas.

And you’re still not saying where or when the wedding will be?

Nope, my lips are sealed.

I didn’t expect any other answer. Callum, as always, it’s been a pleasure to spend time with you. Thank you.

The pleasure was all mine, JJ.

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