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Always Series

These stories both started as freebies on Prolific Works, Anything Always was too good to leave as a short story. I extended by another 10k words and let Felix and Warwick grow.

Everything, Always was supposed to be a winter short story in a giveaway that wasn't finished in time. I let the story and my imagination run with Atticus and Gray, and I think you'll love them.

anything anytime-complete.jpg

Anything, Anytime - Book One

Lost Boy

Lonely Daddy



Felix thought he was getting a Daddy, but all he got was hurt.

Warwick wants a boy, but the boy belongs to somebody else.

Whispered words spoken so long ago bring the boy to Warwick, who takes him in and gives him a safe place to heal.

Felix blossoms under Warwick’s care and attention.

Warwick finally has a boy to nurture and tend to, and he once again is the Daddy he was meant to be.

At last, Felix finds the Daddy he’s craved for. He can let go, knowing Warwick will catch him.


This book had previously been a short story available as a giveaway. The story has been rewritten with and extended by over 10k words

everything always Ebook-complete.jpg

Everything, Always - book Two

Age gap

Office romance

Low angst/feel good

The boss and his PA, but so much more than an office romance.

Gray Tremaine was looking forward to the challenge of turning his newly acquired business around. What he hadn’t expected was his PA: Atticus Bennett, with his high cheekbones, pale pink nail polish, and the most kissable lip-glossed mouth.

The moment Atticus walked into his office, Gray wanted him. But how could he concentrate when Atticus screamed “boy” to him?

Atticus knew he was in trouble the moment he locked eyes with his new boss. Gray Tremaine was Atticus’s perfect Daddy. But Gray would never be interested in someone like him, too young, too inexperienced, not as sophisticated as Gray. And even if he was, it was never a good idea to mix professional and personal lives.

But all it took was one sentence, and Atticus was his.


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