Works in progress

I'm always working on more than one project, here's the place to see what I'm up to, and how far along each project is. And because my mind never wants to stop thinking of new characters and plots, some books get pushed back from time to time.

Our Kind of Man (Heavyload! #4) JJ Harper

Status: Finished

Word count: 48K

Release date: 11th December '20

His Kind of Man (Heavyload #3)

Status: Finished

Word Count: 52K

Release date: Out now

Not Your Boy (Escape #1)

Status: LIVE

Word count: 52k

Release date: Out Now

Gus  (BAR 28 #1)

Status: LIVE

Word Count: 40K

Release date: 30th June '20

Sawyer (BAR 28 #2)

Status: LIVE

Word Count: 53k

Release Date: Aug '20

Ronan's Boy (Escape #2)

Status: In progress

Word Count: 19k

Release Date: Not known

Anything, Anytime

Status: LIVE

Word Count: 36k

Release date: Out Now!

Leo - BAR 28 #3

Status: Just started

Word count: 250

Release Date: End Nov '20

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