Works in progress

I'm always working on more than one project, here's the place to see what I'm up to, and how far along each project is. And because my mind never wants to stop thinking of new characters and plots, some books get pushed back from time to time.

Your Kind Of Man (HeavyLoad! #2) JJ Harper

Status: Completed 

Word count: 85k

Release date: Due to errors the release date will now be August 2019

Banner (The Redemption Series #3) JJ Harper

Statu: Finished 

Word count: 38k

Release date: Sept 2019

Our Kind of Man (Heavyload! #3) JJ Harper

Status: Early days

Word count: 4K

Release date: Unknown

Can't Let You Go (Cooper's Ridge #3) JJ Harper

Status: Unfinished

Word count: 55k

Release Date: Unknown

Finding Eden (Finding Me Series #5) M/F JJ Harper

Status: Unfinished

Word Count: 25k

Release date: Unknown

Revved Up (De'ath of You Series #4) JJ Harper

Status: Unfinished

Word count 15k

Release date: Unknown

Awakening (Shifter/fantasy)

Status: Unfinished

Word count: 7k end approx 50k
Release date: unknown

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